#design #freesoftware
Q: Where are you from?

I'm from Germany. Freiburg. That is right next to France and Switzerland.

Q: Wait – this isn't twitch, nor youtube – what's going on?

I want to remain independent from big tech. Luckily Free Software allows me to do that; I use Peertube and Matrix to stream and chat.

Q: No Illustrator, no Photoshop, no… ?

Of course I use Inkscape and other Free Software as I enjoy having no bad strings attached to my tools. Same is true for my OS, I run GNU/Linux.

Q: What about Twitter or Discord?

Nobody should have to enter walled gardens to get in touch. Thanks to Mastodon and Matrix you don't have to.

Q: Is it possible you like Free Software?

Glad you noticed, yes. ;)

I use: OBS, Inkscape, GNOME, Enve, Rubik, Manjaro,